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Culinary & Development Team


At Saratoga Food Specialties, we specialize in your needs. We are big enough to meet your needs and small enough to give you the attention and service you expect. Our thousands of custom spice and flavor blends were developed one at a time, working closely in a partnership with our customers, culinary chef and R&D group.


We may begin development of your proprietary blends in the kitchen with our Culinary Innovation team. Their focus travels to the far corners of the world exploring new flavors and tastes in Asia, Europe and South America. Our Innovation team will work closely with you to offer flavor and blend recommendations that make your product unique.

Saratoga proudly maintains a partnership with the creative minds at Muise Innovation for culinary inspiration.


Our R&D team is responsible for developing your production formula. With over 100 years of combined experience with spices and flavor blends, there isn't a flavor challenge that our team hasn't already addressed.


Our ISO 14001-certified facility that is designed to efficiently and accurately produce your spice blends in any amount you need - from small test batches to 10,000 lb. bulk blends. Batches from multiple blending lines can be packaged in super sacks, bulk boxes, multi-wall bags, or vertical form, fill and seal pouches. With this packaging flexibility we can always find the best solution to meet your needs and expectations.


Our blending systems include checks and rechecks throughout the production process to make sure we deliver to you the quality product you expect in each and every order.


As a major international buyer of raw spices, we are able to source the finest spices from around the world season to season. We also partner with leading flavor houses so that we can always source the best flavor solution for our customers.