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Spicy, sweet, smoky or fruity—flavor sparks cravings, helps set menu offerings apart, and keeps restaurant guests coming back for more. The latest flavor study, the 2011 Flavor Consumer Trend Report, gauges consumer interest in flavor, reveals ready-for-trial flavor profiles, and discusses how the most current flavor preferences are spicing up today’s menus. 

Our comprehensive study gauged consumer attitudes and preferences about flavor when dining out, while revealing some next-level flavor developments on the menu. Some trends to watch include uniqueness and variety for sauces and condiments, and how chain-restaurant operators are applying culinary flavor influences from around the globe.

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Sodium in the diet is a likely next target of federal regulation, but research that points blame at the restaurant industry may be somewhat exaggerated.

In an educational session at the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel show in Chicago on Saturday, NRA dietitian Joy Dubost and Adam Drewnowski, director of the University of Washington Center for Obesity Research, questioned whether regulation of sodium on restaurant menus would help more people meet the daily recommended limits — a goal very few appear to reach currently.

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