At Debt and Lender Resolution, we provide advice and counsel to clients that have excessive debt which has become unmanageable. We provide individual debt relief by obtaining affordable settlements, while allowing the debtor to avoid liquidation or loss of property. Drawing upon our dispute resolution strengths, we also represent businesses that are facing Chapter 11 Reorganization. We achieve out-of-court settlements which will allow the debtor to keep possession and control of its assets, without the appointment or election of a case trustee.

Service to Debtors

Debt and Lender Resolution has a team of highly skilled professionals which have obtained favorable settlements for a broad range of clients. Our capabilities include: :

Benefit to Lenders

Although we are a consumer firm, our practice provides assistance to financial institutions as well. Financial institutions benefit in the following ways:

Other Debt Solutions

Although bankruptcy is a necessary option for some, it is considered as a last resort. Bankruptcy is a drastic solution and it is necessary for a professional to review all other options before moving forward with bankruptcy. If bankruptcy is the right alternative, we can assist in the bankruptcy process. If you would like additional information, please e-mail us or call to set a confidential appointment with a chapter 7 or 13 specialist.

Bankruptcy has some advantages:

There are also disadvantages:

In the case of weighing bankruptcy and debt arbitration, consider the following: Debt arbitration means that each party in a matter has representation and that a neutral figure presides and provides a decision to which both parties abide. Arbitration and negotiation never become part of the public record, while a bankruptcy does. Debt arbitration results in settlements with your creditors and although your credit may look blemished for a short while, it will rebound more quickly than with a bankruptcy.

How you pay your debts is a part of your credit report and your credit score:"Paid as Agreed" on your credit report indicates that you fulfilled your contract to your
creditors."Paid" on your credit report indicates that the debt was paid through settlement or some other means."Defaulted" indicated a bankruptcy or complete loan delinquency.

Debt And Lender has also successfully defended various criminal antitrust prosecutions. Our attorneys who handle these types of cases can also call upon colleagues in the firm who have deep experience representing those in the particular clients'

The strength of our counsel on antitrust matters is directly related to the depth of our lawyers' knowledge. Our attorneys tackle these issues not only with a firm grasp of antitrust law but with an understanding of the many types of laws affecting the industries in which our clients operate, and a thorough appreciation and comprehension of our clients' businesses and objectives.