fter my divorce, I had a 4 and a 6 year old to raise alone and I was completely dependent on my parents to support me. I finally found employment after 6 months but i was left with all the debt from my first marriage. I went from two income and one child, to one income and two children. I had to use my credit cards out of necessity, and within 8 months of my marriage I was an additional $18,000 in debt. My total credit card debt in August 2008 was $69,000. I could not take care of my kids and stay current on the payments. I finally moved into section 8 housing and tried to keep up with the bills. It was tough feeling like I couldn't provide for my family; I wanted more for my children. They have gone without birthday parties and other little things that kids their age have. hey have never had a place to call home, and that was my strongest drive in getting out of debt.

I knew firstand I needed a professional company to help me deal with all of my debt as it was time consuming and tedious and I was unable to deal with my creditors alone. I went to debtandlender.com and then I received a call from Debt & Lender Resolution. They told my I could be totally debt free in only 36 months with a payment that was about half of my credit card minimums. They were able to reduce my $69,000 balance to only $19.320.  Since I am out of debt now I have money for other things. For the first time in my life, I hade money in the bank when my truck broke down. I didn't have to go into debt, and my income wasn't affected. I just paid the mechanic.

Getting out of debt was not easy and I was just a few dollars from having to file bankruptcy but Debt & Lender Resolution has saved me and my family from a life of paying high interest to credit card companies and being out of debt has saved my family from a lot of hard times."

Sara Perez (age 29)
Human Resources Representative